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Our day-to-day lives look different, both personally and at work. Businesses are changing plans and strategies to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. For marketers, the show must go on, but it might not look exactly the same. As many companies have shifted to working remotely, marketers are having to manage their normal processes from home.

For marketers who work with influencers, being away from the office can present some unique challenges. If you’ve been managing a lot of your influencer marketing manually, working with an influencer marketing platform can help you keep your plans running without requiring you to go into the office or make multiple trips to the post office.

What is an influencer marketing platform?

Influencer marketing technology can take several different forms. Some match brands with influencers based on specific parameters and others help marketers curate content. Influencer marketing platforms offer a suite of tools including reporting, messaging influencers, sending products and gifts, and more.

These platforms help marketers automate their workflows so they can manage influencer campaigns efficiently and operate at scale. With the typical, day-to-day operations disrupted, an influencer marketing program like Octoly can help keep things moving even in our new normal.

How can an influencer marketing platform help now?

People around the world are working from home and minimizing their contact with others, but for marketers, their plan of action will need to continue. By automating elements of your influencer marketing program, you can keep running your influencer marketing campaigns no matter where you are.

From identifying the best influencers to streamlining shipping and fulfillment and tracking campaign performance, influencer marketing technology can help you manage your entire influencer program from end-to-end while you’re out of the office.

By using a platform, you can take a hands-off approach without slowing down your processes. You may not be able to hold events or meet influencers in person, but you can still connect and build relationships with influencers virtually.

Connect with influencers

If you’re in the early phases of your campaign or are searching for new influencers to add to your bench, influencer marketing technology can help you easily find partners that fit your parameters and mesh with your brand. Influencers are an effective tool for marketers since they are seen as being more authentic and personable. With an influencer marketing platform like Octoly, you can find influencers that are interested in working with brands and do all of your outreach through the platform, so you don’t have to hunt down email addresses or phone numbers.

As most of our day-to-day interactions are shifting to virtual means of communication, you won’t have to worry about reaching your influencers when you have all their information and an easy way to contact them through your dashboard.

Create content and relationships

Creating relationships with your influencers is easier than ever with influencer marketing technology. You can do all your outreach and communications on the same platform where you’re running campaigns. Content marketing is particularly effective during times like these where you may be adjusting your sales strategies.

Keep creating content with your influencers to engage with their audience and strengthen those relationships. Communication with influencers is made easier with an influencer marketing platform like Octoly so you can build trust with influencers virtually until the time comes to meet offline.

Ship products

Gifting is a key part of any good influencer marketing program, but coordinating shipping and fulfillment can be challenging during these times. Octoly can streamline the logistics so you don’t have to worry fulfilling shipments from home or relying on your warehouse.

Just ship your product to the Octoly warehouse and, when you’re ready to send gifts, we’ll handle the rest. Get tracking information on all your shipments that can also be shared with the influencer so everyone can rest easy knowing where the product is.

Whether you have a robust influencer marketing program in place or were just getting started, the way we all get work done has changed. Influencer marketing technology helps make marketers’ jobs easier by streamlining influencer programs. All your interactions and content are available in one dashboard and you can find the right influencers, create connections, and manage gifting from the safety of your couch.

Find out how Octoly can help your influencer program running smoothly no matter what.

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