How SPRiNG got +500k interactions on YouTube and Instagram

How to increase your visibility through authentic and engaging content  


The Brand

SPRiNG is the new fun and unique brand you would love having at home! Founded in 2020, the French start-up which is specialized in cleaning products is namely renewed for its highly concentrated, 100% healthy and sustainable washing capsules.  The icing on the cake? Thanks to its collaboration with La Poste, French postal service company, SPRiNG directly ships its products to your mailbox, whenever you want. Isn’t it convenient?

The Objective

By chosing Octoly, SPRiNG aimed at increasing its visibility on social networks and enahncing its credibility and notoriety as a brand.  SPRiNG wanted to run these campaigns as part of a launch of new laundry detergent fragrances.

The Solution

Thus, SPRiNG started two campaigns on Instagram and YouTube, both on laundry products. Thanks to Octoly, the start-up was able to select the influenceurs it wanted to work with according to a very specific criteria:  female influencers between 25 and 54 years old, more than 10,000 subscribers, a very high commitment rate and living in metropolitan France. This was possible thanks to Octoly’s new functionality called the personal profile! Brands can finally target influencers

The information covers a wide range of different topics, such as lifestyle (home, animals, children…), beauty routines, sports, well-being… 

Once the influencers had been chosen, the cleaning products brand SPRiNG lets them choose whether to make an Instagram post, story or a YouTube video.  They had to show and present the brand and its values, the washing PODS user experience and provide their community with a promotional code.

The Results

With a total of more than 500K interactions, the 2 SPRiNG campaigns were extremely successful! The Instagram stories particularly rock! You could hear the influencers talking about the brand’s products in a casual way. Surprisingly for SPRiNG, two YouTube influencers made ASMR videos to promote their products. Here are Léa Chipie’s video with more than avec plus de 350k views and laviedanna’s with more than 2k views!

Creative freedom and content diversity have therefore enabled SPRiNG to achieve authentic results. In total, the brand received 192 posts.

Other than having increased its visibility and generated interactions through influencer posts, SPRiNG could reuse the same content for its newsletter

The exploitation of these contents is possible thanks to the transfer of rights agreement, which is included in Octoly’s offer!

spring 2

The results for the 2 campaigns




Interactions per post


Engagement Rate

 +35K €


We recommend Octoly for the easy use of its platform and for the wide range of choices it offers in terms of influenceurs!

Léa Carré, User Happiness Manager

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