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How Caudalie raised 18k interactions on social networks in a single campaign

Make your brand stand out on Instagram with nano and micro-influencers

The Goal

At the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards in 1995, Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas were about to discover the antioxidant potential of grape seeds. After their first encounter with this powerful plant, they decided to create a cosmetic brand specialising in vinotherapy. Caudalie was born!

Committed to sustainable development and becoming a pioneer in natural cosmetics, Caudalie now aspires to be the most effective clean brand on the market.To make the brand stand out on Instagram, Caudalie decided to use nano and micro-influencers as a driver of renown. 

But several questions arised. How to proceed to finding the right influencers, the ones who correspond to the brand identity and deliver quality content? How to optimize the management of large-scale micro-influence strategies to save time, especially when you are a small team?


The Solution

Often less solicited and always interested in working with brands they really like, nano and micro-influencers are usually more personally involved in their partnerships. For Caudalie, collaborating with these influencers was also a way to optimise the Return on Investment (ROI). Indeed, they produce quality posts with a very good engagement rate for a lower cost. 

The purpose of these collaborations was to meet two objectives. The first was to create influencer campaigns to promote products and attract nano and micro-influencers in order to collaborate with them over the long term. The second was to create an authentic relationship with them – in particular through Octoly’s messaging system – Caudalie builds and maintains its own community of ambassadors. Gradually, brands follow their development and can identify the most involved influencers to pursue the collaboration as their communities continue to grow.

By using Octoly and its community of 30,000 selected nano and micro-influencers, Caudalie had a large choice to satisfy its requirements while saving time and flexibility in managing its campaigns. 

Thanks to the platform’s targeting technology (socio-demographic targeting, centres of interests, audience, skin and hair type criteria, type of posts, and more), Caudalie was able to refine its selection. The brand wished to collaborate with a wide range of influencers while remaining in line with its identity. Moreover, Caudalie was looking for profiles with a high engagement rate and a close relationship with their community. They wanted to choose influencers who had few paid partnerships with other brands and who were particularly fond of its world and its products so that they could talk about them in a sincere and authentic way.

In March 2020 during the lockdown, Caudalie was determined to launch a new influencer marketing campaign to generate enthusiasm over two of its flagship products: the Sublimating Sun Oil and the After Sun Tan Prolonging Milk. 

Using influencer marketing during this period of health crisis was a strategic way to promote these products and bring some positivity to their target audience. These campaigns allowed Caudalie to have high-quality and  diverse posts, and they also received very positive feedback from nano and micro-influencers concerning the efficiency of their products. The icing on the cake? The brand also had the opportunity to boast about this positive feedback in its messaging and communication. A win-win game for everyone !

Thanks to the image rights included in Octoly’s offer, Caudalie was able to reuse the content produced by the influencers by integrating it directly into its editorial strategy. 

As a result, this alternative approach of branded and organic content contributed to boosting the brand’s editorial line and maximizing engagement while strengthening its links with its ambassadors.

Nano and micro-influencers provide such amazing posts ! They are highly motivated, so they create great content and have a very good engagement. If you want to save time on identifying new profiles, Octoly is a real support !

Magalie Cousin,
PR Manager

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