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How OnePiece generated 2M interactions through partnerships with microinfluencers

Promote Key Products With Targeted Influencer Marketing 

Industry: Fashion
Location: Oslo, Norway

The Goal

As a unique fashion item, OnePiece needed to find the right audience to promote their products to on social media to drive brand awareness and revenue.  The brand was intent on re-inventing the concept of a onesie, which historically was thought to be a children’s clothing item, and turning it into the ultimate leisure piece to be worn both indoors and out.

The Solution

OnePiece chose to leverage the Octoly community because of the detailed targeting capabilities that helped them ensure a strong fit even before influencers began to apply to the campaigns. OnePiece was able to easily enrich their influencer network and amplify their visibility on YouTube & Instagram  with great efficiency.
By activating 125 influencers who best aligned with their brand DNA, OnePiece was able to receive professional-quality assets that outperformed the engagement rates of any in-house creative. They successfully elevated the onesie to a must-have piece in any closet! 


The results in 6 months



Engagement Rate


Total Interactions




Octoly proves it’s not necessary to go through an influencer agency to get successful results with gifting campaigns and that micro-influencers have a more engaged community than most macro influencers. The Octoly platform helped us create an authentic 1:1 relationship with influencers far more efficiently than we could on our own.

Anaïs Alauzen
Junior Marketing Manager

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