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Merci Handy

How Merci Handy seamlessly manages hundreds of influencers in four different global markets.

Spreading excitement with unique branding using micro-influencers across US, France, Spain, and Italy

The Goal

Micro-influencers have been a core part of Merci Handy’s social media strategy since the creation of the brand. They not only proved to be a far more profitable acquisition channel than macro-influencers, but they also more closely align with the brand identity. Merci Handy is a global brand that prides itself on being down-to-earth so it was important that their laid back and cheery vibe be easily amplified with the right micro-influencers in all 4 of their global markets: US, France, Italy, and Spain.  


Over the years, they discovered that the key to a successful micro-influencer strategy is operating at scale, so they needed a tool that could help them effectively source, curate, activate, and analyze the performance of hundreds of micro-influencers in each market at once. 

The Solution

By teaming up with Octoly, Merci Handy gained instant access thousands of relevant micro-influencers and began launching targeted campaigns focused on highlighting their bright color palettes, fun product names, and vegan-friendly formulas. In a matter of weeks, they were able to build relationships with hundreds of micro-influencers, receive on-brand social media assets, and track the performance of each of their regional campaigns, all in one place. Through these micro-influencer collaborations, Merci Handy was able to get almost 14 million views on YouTube and over 5 million likes on Instagram! 

The results

Views on Youtube




likes on Instagram


Octoly share of sales


Octoly saves us an incredible amount of time. We have everything on the same platform: the requests, the conversations, and the reports. On top of that, we manage four markets. The platform provides a great return on investment.

Louis Marty
CEO @ Merci Handy

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