How Lalalab optimized its influencer marketing in 3 countries

Generate awareness on many markets through multilingual content, helps you engage a targeted audience

Industry: Lifestyle
Location: Paris, France
Employees: 40

The Goal

To gain visibility in 3 European countries, the photo printing platform Lalalab needed to adopt a local and targeted approach. For them it was essential to share authentic messages which are in line with their brand identity in each of the three languages and consistent with the respective cultures.; in order to gain notoriety, to efficiently and rapidly attract new customers through a ROI approach and to increase their sales.

The Solution

Thanks to Octoly’s strong presence in France, Italy and Spain, Lalalab managed to immediately have access to a global community of more than 30,000 influencers in 3 countries. All of them are experts in content production and perfectly master their country’s habits and customs. By sending their products to micro-influencers with a targeted audience and giving them customized promotional codes, available to their communities, Lalalab could create 2,150 authentic posts and about 7 million interactions on Instagram and Youtube, which was a real boost for their visibility on social networks and for the traffic on each of their e-commerce sites involved. The Octoly micro-influencer community represents 6% of Lalalab’s global turnover!

The results

Posts Created


people reached


likes & views


Earned Media Value


As a startup, we couldn’t afford to just do branding. Octoly is the only platform that allowed us to automate our marketing influence operations with an ROI approach and increase our conversions.

Amélie Brule,
Head of Influence & Social Media @ Lalalab

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