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How Innisfree took 4 products to their top 10 bestsellers on Sephora in under 3 weeks. 

Build credibility on in crowded categories with authentic consumer reviews

The Goal

As part of the critical retail planning process, Innisfree knew they needed a way to efficiently generate honest consumer reviews for four of their key products, all launching for the first time at Sephora, including three fan favorites. Having minimal reviews on their product pages would be a major roadblock in sales if it meant customers struggled to find relevant peer feedback for each particular product. They understood that the best way to maximize conversion on these products was to provide accurate reviews and social proof to help inform future purchasing decisions.

The Solution

Innisfree published their campaign to Octoly’s community of 170K people in an effort to find relevant consumers to test their products for free in exchange for an honest review. By mimicking a real buyer’s journey and ensuring that the consumers expressed interest in the product before receiving it, Innisfree was able to provide a wide variety of perspectives in the text reviews while maintaining brand safety. This is critical to help shoppers find a review from someone that they identify with, which is still helping Sephora shoppers during their consideration phase today.
Octoly helped Innisfree create more consumer content to guide the buyer through their purchasing journey, encouraging higher conversions. Because of Octoly’s ability to drive relevant reviews in a seamless seeding process – while matching the most relevant consumers to their brand – all four of these products quickly climbed to Innisfree’s Top 10 on Sephora. The Daily UV Defense launch was an overachievement compared to Sephora’s original sales forecast, performing almost 3X higher than their initial projections!

The results in 3 weeks



Product Rating


Would Recommend


Having Octoly’s diverse community give their honest reviews increased sales because it provided a relevant perspective to each unique Sephora shopper who was considering that product.

Wonny Han Marketing Director @ Innisfree

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