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How Chella got the word out in the US thanks to micro-influencers.

Increasing Brand Awareness by Reaching New Audiences

Industry: Beauty
Location: Camarillo, California
Founded: 2003

The Goal

The indie makeup brand, Chella, wanted to increase brand awareness and get the word out about its products by nurturing collaborations with micro-influencers.

Our Solution

Through the Octoly platform, Chella was able to streamline its influencer marketing strategy and activate a strong group of almost 300 beauty influencers, generating 350 product reviews in 8 months on Instagram and YouTube.
By contributing to 60% of Chella’s influencers posts, Octoly was a key asset to help Chella target new audiences and create buzz around its products. They have also gathered a lot of feedback from influencers on ways to improve its products.

The results in 8 months



influencers activated


Octoly share of Instagram posts


Octoly has been a powerful instrument in getting the word out there about how amazing our products are and in building awareness around our brand. The platform, the metrics, the team we worked with were all phenomenal, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

Chris Kolodziejski
CEO & Founder at Chella

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