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How Bobbi Brown evoked a wave of support across social media and eCommerce by seeding 1K products to influencers and consumers with Octoly.

Multi-channel campaign to support a new product launch across eCommerce and social media

Industry: Makeup
Location: New York City, United States

The Goal

While strategizing for their new product launch, Bobbi Brown needed a way to create wide-scale buzz with quality influencer content and support their Sephora product pages by ensuring there were ample ratings and reviews from real customers.

It was crucial to sustain brand messaging and only gift products to those who were organically interested.

The Solution

Bobbi Brown knew that compelling UGC on social channels go hand-in-hand with eCommerce text reviews to drive shoppers down the conversion funnel – from swipe-up to checkout – so they employed a cross-platform campaign strategy utilitizing both the influencer and consumer communities on Octoly.

Bobbi Brown accessed Octoly’s Gifting Marketplace to seed out product to relevant consumers in exchange for Sephora reviews, and carefully curated influencers to create compelling UGC – all under one platform. 

Using a hyper-targeted approach, Bobbi Brown was able to decrease the quantity of gifted products necessary to achieve even better results compared to previous campaigns. With the help of Octoly’s expert team and proven multi-channel product launch strategy, Bobbi Brown’s Oil Infused Lip Gloss exceeded launch expectations and became a Top Seller with 97% of reviewers recommending the product to other shoppers.

The results in 2 months

Influencer Posts


Text Reviews


Average product rating


Ship-to-post rate


Bobbi Brown kicked off the partnership with Octoly via our Crushed Oil Infused Lip Gloss launch. The text reviews on, the star rating that we recieved, as well as impressive UGC engagement rates made for a successful campaign!

Courtney Segal
Product Marketing Associate, North America @ Bobbi Brown

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