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One way to think of brand awareness is your brand’s personal fingerprint. It’s unique and represents your company’s core messaging and goals in an easy, recognizable way. Your brand awareness refers to how easily an audience can select your brand out of a lineup amongst a sea of other brands. This can stem from a combination of aspects, including your logo, specific hashtags, or even wording used in posts and campaigns.

Brand awareness needs to be consistent and noticeable in order for people to recognize it. You want to make sure that certain phrases, colors, aesthetics, and characteristics immediately let an audience distinguish your brand from the others.

Why is brand awareness important?

Brand awareness is important mainly because if executed correctly, it can create instant association with your brand. Take a company like Kleenex or Band Aid. Most people use these brands’ names interchangeably instead of other terms for the product because that’s how good they got at branding and marketing their products over the years.

It’s important when analyzing and creating a game plan for your KPI’s to include brand awareness as an important piece of the puzzle. Brand awareness is a core KPI because it encompasses how much the overall messaging and theme of your brand is connecting and resonating with people. So, when deciding on an influencer campaign and how it’s going to help metrics like online sale and revenue growth, make sure to include how that campaign will help overall brand awareness.

In addition, increased brand awareness also leads to more brand trust between your company and the consumer. Once someone feels more of a bond with your brand, the more they’ll be able to trust your messaging about products and initiatives. Ultimately, this gives your brand a personality, an authentic voice, and something that feels more relatable to consumers, rather than just a nameless company with no defined characteristics.

How can you measure brand awareness?

Brand awareness can be measured through a combination of different factors, including site traffic, social growth, and keywords and mentions, so it’s important to take notice and summarize how each one is contributing to it.

For example, you can track your share of voice by analyzing certain keywords that you or an influencer use in a post about a product and see how many keywords are being reused or recognized by audiences. Social growth is also an important piece that can show brand awareness, since social media is becoming one of the main tools in generating brand awareness.

Next, take a look at how well your social media platforms are doing: Is your follower count growing? Are people commenting? Are people engaging? Figure this out by tracking the number of followers you’re gaining each month, seeing how quickly users are commenting on your posts, and if people are being curious and asking questions about your product or company. Tracking these factors will ultimately show how well your brand is penetrating the overall market.

How to increase brand awareness on platforms?

 When thinking about how to increase your brand awareness think about these kinds of questions: How can someone recognize your brand? Through your logo? A mission statement? Certain color schemes? A series of hashtags? These are just some examples of factors that are important when creating brand awareness across different platforms.

Hashtags for Instagram have proven to be beneficial, especially when used for each unique campaign or to send a specific message to people. Have influencers use unique and specific hashtags and mention tags on Instagram to make sure that whenever they’re posting about a product, the post will still get a boost when people search those unique hashtags and key terms.

Beyond Instagram, it’s important to keep consistent brand awareness across other types of platforms such as audio and video-based outlets. TikTok is an up-and-coming app for influencers and companies to use, so try and brainstorm opportunities to project your brand in new ways through the tools that TikTok provides, like creating your own sound, a branded hashtag, or even a signature dance.

Finding influencers that are experts in specific platforms is a good way to increase your brand awareness. For example, have a well-known YouTuber use similar language and taglines when reviewing gifted products. This will help create your brand more recognizable, while it’s being promoted in an authentic way through an Influencer’s unique content.

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