The best social media channels provide a way for users to find community with like-minded people. This is something there’s no denying that the past year has taught us the importance of, with many turning online to feel more connected during lockdowns. This means that micro and macro influencers are increasingly being viewed as experts, friends, and role models, with their followers acutely aware of the issues and interests they are passionately about.

That’s where you come in, by interacting with a highly engaged community that aligns with your brand’s message, you can be sure the message is heard. However, the list of emerging niche communities expands daily across all channels, so finding the right ones can be difficult. We put together a list of the ones to look out for this year. 

Here are the emerging beauty and lifestyle communities you need to know about in 2021, across TikTok, Twitter and Instagram

Dermatology TikTokers

If there’s one thing TikTok is known for (aside from dancing videos) it’s skincare hacks like #FaceIcing and #SoapBrows. That’s why it’s little surprise that there’s an abundance of qualified dermatologists using the video app to share skincare dos and don’ts. 

Esthetician Twitter

When Cardi B wasn’t satisfied with acne treatment recommended by a dermatologist, she turned to Twitter where fans and experts gave her an array of advice. This isn’t uncommon, with many taking advantage of the many talented esthetician’s willing to Tweet out free skincare and makeup tips. 

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Watching rug-making videos on #Rugtok shouldn’t be this satisfying, but it is, prompting a DIY rug making trend globally. 

Natural Hair Professionals

Those in need of some new tips and tricks to care for and style natural hair, have found a home on the Instagram accounts of natural hair influencers like Yanil. 

Black Beauty Brand Founders

If you’re not already keeping up with the insanely talented Black beauty brand founders across Instagram, like Shontay Lundy from Black Girl Sunscreen and Alisa Ford from Glory Skincare it’s time. These new brands are changing the heavily white-washed industry. Glory Skincare is a wonderful brand on Octoly and Alisia was just accepted into Sephora’s Accelerator Program.

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KBeauty Enthusiasts

While Kbeauty has been a cult favourite for a while now, TikTok has definitely ramped up the volume, encouraging us all to double cleanse. 

Drag Makeup

This is another community that has blossomed on TikTok, where drag queens and kings share their dramatic makeup transformations. 


For all things spiritual, you’re going to want to check out #WitchTok, where there’s everything from tarot reading content to spooky shoots. 

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Nail Influencers

On Instagram, nail art is anything but expected, with nail influencers like The Nail Society creating looks that belong in a museum. 

Acne Positivity

As a contrast to the heavily edited photos usually infiltrating the feed, there’s been a large movement on Instagram working to normalize skin texture and adult acne. 

Bimbo TikTok


that’s water in my glass. Tag a bxmbo #bimbo #bimbofication #bimbotiktok #fyp @chrissychlapecka

♬ original sound – GMB

In 2021, being a bimbo doesn’t mean playing dumb. In fact, in a year dubnbed “the year of the bimbo” people on TikTok are redefining the term to be a socially and politically engaged individual. 

Candle Making

Last year, candles were everywhere and this trend is only gaining fire. Whether it’s a twisted candle DIY project or making candles from scratch, there’s no shortage of TikTok influencers picking up this niche hobby.

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